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Support Policies - Effective January 1st, 2011

Click here to view  Printable version of the Support Policy  Starting 01/01/11

Service & Support Hours

Service & Support Hours: Monday through Friday, 9:00am to 5:00pm EST billed at $125.00 pre hr. - holidays excluded. All other hours are considered Overtime and billed at rate of $175.00 per hour.

Medisoft Clinical support is $175.00 per Hour. 

Our Standard Billing Rate of $125.00 per hour applies to all services & support services not otherwise given special rates.


Terms : Our terms of payment will remain Due Upon Receipt. All Software Sales are Final.  Support Services are billed by the hour and/or quoted project price. All Support & Services are billed and due at the time of service. Payment is due when services are rendered. Please have payment ready at time of service.

We accept Visa, Master Card, Discover, American Express, Check and Cash.

Web Based Training and Support Services

 Billed by For On-site training and support requires travel fee, min. 1 hr. plus time on site. Minimum of $125.00 on-site fee will be charged for all on-site support. Travel Charges: Travel charges apply to office locations beyond the I-275 belt loop of Cincinnati, at $125.00 per hour (one way). Travel time is charged (one way) from the time we leave our office to the time we arrive at your office. Expenses will be billed for long distance travel and over night stays. 

Data file Repair :  

If your Medisoft files become corrupted/damaged through incidents like power surges, improper shutdown or computer hardware problems.  Repair fee of $550.00.  

Make sure you BACKUP your data daily, using multiple sets of media.  You should also have off-site backups.  Check your backup procedure on a regular basis and make sure it is working.  Not all data can be repaired; sometimes you must go back to a backup.
We will take a look at your data for a fee of $125.00 and give you and estimate if you request it.
· Programming, Data Conversions & Custom Form Design:
· Hardware & Network Installation & Setup and Repairs.
· Per Call / Per WebEx Support Rates - The rate per call is charged at $2.10/per minute with a $20.00 per call minimum.

WebEx Support & Training

· WebEx Support & Training: Done via high speed internet access is a service that permits us to access your computer and perform interactive functions with your computer and you.  We can do training, support and even some data repair via WebEx because both your office staff and ours can see what is happing on your computer. You control when and if we get to access your computer. This service will help you avoid travel charges.  Customer must provide High Speed Internet connection to their computer.  Billed at a rate of a $2.10 per minute or Minimum of $20.00.  

Programming, Data Conversions & Form Design

These specialized services are bid separately at a fixed rate to protect you from unforeseen time overruns.  Hourly rate is $125.00 per hour.

Free Fax & Email Question Support with Medisoft Software purchases from SLC Software Services

 Free Fax & Email Question Support is given with purchase of the Medisoft software from SLC Software Services; it starts at date of purchase on your invoice and continues for the number of days listed on the invoice.  This free fax and email support is supplied by SLC.  Phones/WebEx calls and On-site visits are billable at our normal rate. Faxes are to be sent to SLC at   513-922-4439 or emailed to SRG@EOS.NET 

What Services are covered by the free  Days Question Support? Free support will be given for the following : questions related to the operation of Medisoft software in a physician's office or a billing service office. Only to those customers who have purchased Medisoft thorough SLC Software Services receive this support from SLC Software Services.

The free support does not cover help with network configuration, computer hardware problems, or free support is not training on the how to do medical billing or training on how to use the software step by step. It does not cover data repair issues, data conversion issues or report developement. * These types of services can be provided for a fee of $125.00 per hour.  

Requesting Support Procedure - Service may be requested via

Phone (513) 922-4303, Fax (513-922-4439) or Email SRG@EOS.NET - fax & emails are to be typed. Include your name, Practice name, Callback phone number with area code, Serial number & version of Medisoft and nature of your problem and/or question.

Prepaid Telephone/WebEx Support

·Phone/WebEx Pre-Paid Support for 6 months/or up to 5 hours of support, which ever comes first is $499.00 - Support consists of answering questions asked about Medisoft software issues and EDI issues. Calls will be returned in a timely manner. Faxes & emails will be responded to as soon as possible. 

 · Note: Not all Medisoft Software support questions can be answered on the phone, via WebEx, or with fax or email. Some question and/or issues and problems may require an on- site support call which is billable at the hourly rate plus travel time.  

·    Medisoft support Knowledge Base is free of charge provided on McKessons Web site. www.Medisoft.com/kb
·    Medisoft Service patches are downloadable for free of charge.    www.Medisoft.com/kb

 Time on Hold & On Site

You will be charged for phone time if you place our support personnel on hold. Please call us when you have the time to work with us, or schedule a phone appointment. You will be charged for all time we spend on site or on hold.  We will give your our undivided attention, we want you or your staff’s attention as well when training.  

Nature of Problem

Time expended by SLC Software Services in determining the cause of  difficulties with your software or hardware is billable. Although we can determine possible Medisoft software limitations and problems we can only provide work around solutions, we have no authority to alter the Medisoft program. Hardware must meet or exceed the minimum hardware requirements for your Medisoft program. You will be billed for additional time required due to discrepancies or limitations in your hardware or other software capabilities.   

PLEASE NOTE : McKesson is the manufacturer of the Medisoft product lines. McKesson controls and is solely responsible for all Medisoft software’s content & performance, and McKesson controls when upgrades will be produced & released. McKesson sets the pricing & trade–in /Upgrade policies for Medisoft product lines. Releases are determined by the manufacturer, McKesson only.

ALL SOFTWARE SALES ARE FINAL. All products carry Manufactures warranty only.  SLC offers no additional Warranty on products sold. In keeping with industry standards, software may not be returned. If software media is defective it will be replaced. Prices are subject to change without notice. Price changes will be published on our web site WWW.SLCSoftware.com

 When calling for support at (513) 922-4303 , leave your name, the practice name, a call back number, and the nature of your problem.  All calls will be returned in the order received. Except for those calls received from customers under the "Monthly Maintenance Plan" these calls will be returned first. All returned support calls ARE billable, except those customers who are under monthly maintenance plans. 

Customers may also contact our support department by Fax  (513)922-4439 or Email  .srg@eos.net..  Fax and Email support is also billable at our normal hourly rate. 

Preference is given to clients under Monthly Maintenance.

As Medisoft Certified Reseller of Medisoft Products we also offer hands on training, as well as on site support services for a fee. We also sell Interactive training CD's and/or DVD video's  for learning the software as well. 

   See our support agreement.


Use link listed below only when asked to by SLC Software Support staff.

This link to join of webex support form your computer

--- > Web Ex Support Link - https://slcsoftware.webex.com/        

If you have high speed internet we can support your office via WEBEX internet support. call us at 513-922-4303.

WebEx support by is by appointment.

McKesson determines pricing , trade-in policies and values for all  McKesson Medisoft Products. McKesson requires a valid Medisoft Serial Number at time of trade-in in order to receive “Trade-in” credit. Serial numbers are retired at time of trade-in.  (Retired Serial & DOS Serial numbers are not valid for trade-in promotions.) Price is subject to change with out notice. All Brands and product names are registered trademarks of their respective companies. McKesson is the manufacturer of the Medisoft product lines and is solely responsible for all the software’s content and performance, of  their products. McKesson controls when and if upgrades and updates will be offered and released.

Returns of software are NOT accepted. In keeping with industry standards, we will not accept returns on software. However, if your product is damaged, we will replace it at no charge. Contact SLC Software Services for more information.




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