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Medisoft Software Pricing -   New & Trade-in/Upgrade pricing 

Prices on this page are for  Medisoft Patient Accounting Software Version 19

For Order Form and Upgrade Prices click here >   SLC order form page

All software is now delivered via the web. DVD media can be requested for a small fee.   


Description                                                                            New Price

 Medisoft Patient Accounting    Basic - new purchase

$499.00 $494.00

 Medisoft Advanced Patient Accounting   new purchases 

$1299.00 $1294.00

 Medisoft Network Professional included Office Hours Pro and  Final Draft Word Processor version 19 CALL TO SEE WHAT PROMO ARE AVAILABLE.
  • Requires the additional purchase of a Database Server License see pricing below)
       See order from page for upgrade pricing
  • Advantage Database Server Licenses VERSION 11.X

    For use with Medisoft v19  

    If you are purchasing Medisoft Version 19 Medisoft Network Profession software you must also purchase Advantage Database Server license for number of users on Medisoft and Offices Hours

    If you are using Advantage older than v11.x  you must purchase and upgrade to your Advantage License.  

    New  Licenses


    Upgrade v9 & V10 Licenses to v11 Price  

         2 User Database Server Licenses 


         3 User Database Server Licenses


         5 User Database Server Licenses



         10 User Database Server Licenses



         15 User Database Server Licenses



         25 User Database Server Licenses



         50 User Database Server Licenses



         100User Database Server Licenses


         250 User Database Server Licenses $6059 $1519
        Unlimited Users $8269 $3309

    $3,599.00 $3,594.00 

    ** Serial numbers are required for all upgrades.   
    Medisoft Reports Pro - (Focus Reports Pro) $399.00

    Codes on Disk - Full CPT -4 /ICD-9 HCPCS   



    Encoder Pro                       



    McKesson is offering a special for clients using MediNotes to upgrade to Medisoft Clinical - call us for details. "Discontinued" 

    Move to Medisoft Clinical from MediNotes & save while continuing to use your Medisoft Practice Management software.


     Relay Health Electronic Claims Processing Services Implementation and software fee.  (one per practice) 

    Requires EDI Monthly Support Services Agreement - See EDI Contract for fee details

    You may select to do Subscription Pricing full bundle or Subscription Pricing pre type of service needed or your practice may do per Transaction pricing. Call if you need help understanding this information. 513-922-4303

    Subscription Pricing (Bundled)

    90.00 per provider per month - EDI Bundled Services: Electronic Claims (unlimited), Electronic Remittance (unlimited), Electronic Eligibility (Unlimited): 

    Paper Claims (is you choose) $0.55 each (if you want to send all claims even those that can not be sent electronically. The clearing house will print them on paper and mail them for you at a fee of  .55 per claim. )

    Subscription Pricing

    50.00 per provider per month - Electronic Claims (unlimited); Paper claims $.055
    25.00 per provider per month - Electronic Remittance (unlimited)
    25.00 per provider per month - Eligibility Verification (unlimited)

    Per Transaction Pricing

    0.40 per transaction - Electronic Claims
    0.20 per transaction - Eligibility Verification
    0.20 per transaction - Electronic Remittance
    Per month fee of $30.00 applies if doing Per Transaction pricing
    Paper claims are 0.055

    Electronic Statements - ( special promotion on BillFlash electronic Statements) Setup only takes a few minutes and it is easy.

    Call for details - Try it for just the cost of the printing - no monthly minimum - no long term contract.   "Try it is really a time saver!"

    $30.00 per month Document Manager + $0.69 per Statement transaction +.01 for color paper (optional) + $0.17 per additional page after first page per statement.

    Software can check the US postal service database for bad address - if one is found .50 cent fee is charge (optional) 

    See contract for current details - price may change see contract for pricing at time of sign up/enrollment.

    See order form page for information. You may request a copy of EDI Contract.

    $199.00 Setup fee

    Monthly contract service agreement.




     Medisoft Printed User's Manual  $199
     Medisoft Printed Training Manual  $199
     Medisoft Interactive Training CD Set (all 7 disks ) 

                Or $99.00 per disk

  •  Medisoft TCD1 Setup & Maintenance                        
  •  Medisoft TCD2 Daily Accounting Activities           
  •  Medisoft TCD3 Billing & Accounts Receivable     
  •  Medisoft TCD4 Collections        
  •  Medisoft TCD5 Cash Flow Analysis & Practice Management                
  •  Medisoft TCD6 Appointment Scheduling           
  •  Medisoft TCD7 Custom Reports & Utilities                                                                                 
  • $494

    See Order from page for  SLC order form page

    Trade-in & Trade-Up Prices  - to place an order print order form page and fax to SLC Software Services 

    or  Call SLC Software Services at 513 922 4303 


    SLC Software Services is a Certified Value Added Reseller  (VAR) of McKesson/Per-Se/NDC Health and we sell the  Medisoft product line for the same price as McKesson/PerSe Tech. who produces the Medisoft products. We match all McKesson/PerSe pricing and offer more support services as well. McKesson determines pricing, trade-in policies and values for all McKesson Medisoft Products. McKesson requires a valid Medisoft Serial Number at time of trade-in in order to receive “Trade-in” credit. Serial numbers are retired at time of trade-in.  (Retired Serial & DOS Serial numbers  and any products older then the current version and one version back are NOT VALID FOR TRADE-IN/UPGRADE PROMOTIONS.) Price is subject to change with out notice. The software is usually upgraded once a year. This to is controlled by the Manufacture who is McKesson. All Brands and product names are registered trademarks of their respective companies. McKesson is the manufacturer of the Medisoft product lines and is solely responsible for all the software’s content and performance, of  their products. McKesson controls when and if upgrades and updates will be offered and released. 

     Note: All upgraded Medisoft product requests require  the submission of a VALID CURRENT SERIAL NUMBER that is registered to your practice. New Software Upgrades will only be registered to the previously registered owner of the serial number being traded in. 

    If you need help in determining your current level and version, please call us, we are here to help. (513) 922-4303.   Remember to add the appropriate sales tax to your order. 

    All Software Sales are Final. Returns of software are NOT accepted. In keeping with industry standards, we will not accept returns on software. However, if your product is damaged, we will replace it at no charge. Contact SLC Software Services for more information.

    PRICES ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITH OUT NOTICE OR OBLIGATION.  Quotes are good for the number of days stated on the Quote.  Call for detail written Quote. 

    * Advantage user Licenses are required for Medisoft Network Professional  - New or Upgraded

    SLC Software Services is the only Cincinnati, Oh - McKesson Medisoft Certified Reseller
    SLC Software Services is the only North East Ohio - McKesson Certified Medisoft Reseller.
    SLC Software Services provides support services to McKesson Medisoft clients in Greater Cincinnati, Ohio and Northern Kentucky KY and North east Indiana .  Number 1 in McKesson Medisoft support in Greater Cincinnati, oh
    Medisoft Clinical certified EHR  EMR  package  - McKesson Medisoft Clinical Electronic Health Care Records is certified.
    Medisoft Practice Choice certified value added reseller software as a service product.

    SLC Software reserves all rights for the content of this web site. No text or graphics form this web site may be duplicated without express written permission from owner  SLC Software Services - 1958 Anderson Ferry Rd. - Cincinnati , OH 45238 - (513) 922-4303   - Email  SRG@EOS.NET  All prices are subject to change without notice or obligation. 

    MediSoft is a registered trademark of the McKesson/Per-se/NDC Health. MediSoft software is produced by a Division of McKesson/Per-se/NDC Health.  McKesson/Per-se/ NDC Health is the manufacturer of the  Medisoft product line and is solely responsible for the software’s content and performance and in   setting the pricing and trade-in policies for their products.   All products carry Manufacture's warranty only.  Mckesson/Per-se/NDC Health - 5222 E. Baseline Road, Suite 101, Gilbert, Arizona, 85234

    All other brands and product names are trademarks or registered marks of their respective companies.

    McKesson purchased Per-Se Technologies in 2007.  Per-Se Technologies Completed Acquisition of NDCHealth Corporation in 2006.


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