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 Order forms are available online. To access the order forms, you need

Click pic to download Adobe Acrobat Reader.  

For support download Team Viewer :

Download TeamViewer Full version Download TeamViewer


 Medisoft Clinical demo video:

      * Product flash product demo video (F11 Put video to FULL Screen) - >> Medisoft Clinical Flash Demo

      * Medisoft Clinical with Bright Note Technology video (F11 Puts Video to Full Screen)  - this demo will take a while to download (27mg) - Product flash product demo >>Medisoft Clinical Viedo w/BrighNote demo video

      * Medisoft Clinical Podiatry Template Demo video (F11 Puts Video to Full Screen)  - this demo will take a while to download (27mg) - Product flash product demo >>Medisoft Clinical Podiatry Demo Viedo w/BrighNote demo video

When upgrading from an older version of Medisoft remember all add on products need to be upgraded.     

If you need a quote call 513-922-4303. 
We will offer all the same special pricing as McKesson (Medisoft) Corp. Special.

 Complete order form and Fax it to SLC Software Services at 513-922-4439     Thank you

To place an Upgrade order Fax the following to 513 922 4439 
1)Completed SLC Upgrade order form  & fax to SLC.
2)Print a Copy of your Medisoft registration page from the  Medisoft program & fax to SLC. 
3)Fax a Copy of  Medisoft & Advantage Certificates of Authentic to SLC.

If you need help in determining your current level and version, please call us, we are here to help. (513) 922-4303. 

Remember to add the appropriate sales tax to your order. Sales tax will be charged based on you location.

All Software Sales are Final. Returns of software are NOT accepted. In keeping with industry standards, we will not accept returns on software. However, if your product is damaged, we will replace it at no charge. Contact SLC Software Services for more information.

If an order is place on an item that the price has changed we will let you know what the correct price is and
you may elect to continue your order or cancel it.

McKesson determines pricing, trade-in policies and values for all McKesson Medisoft Products. McKesson requires a valid Medisoft Serial Number at time of trade-in in order to receive “Trade-in” credit. Serial numbers are retired at time of trade-in.  (Retired Serial & DOS Serial numbers are not valid for trade-in promotions.) Price is subject to change with out notice. The software is usually upgraded once a year. New version come out normally at the end of March, or beginning of April each year, but this to is controlled by the Manufacture who is McKesson. All Brands and product names are registered trademarks of their respective companies. McKesson is the manufacturer of the Medisoft product lines and is solely responsible for all the software’s content and performance, of  their products. McKesson controls when and if upgrades and updates will be offered and released.

* Advantage user Licenses are required for Medisoft Network Professional  - New or Upgraded
**Medisoft for Network  product has been Discounted., users of this product must upgrade to Medisoft Network Professional.

Note: All upgraded Medisoft product requests require the submission of a VALID CURRENT SERIAL NUMBER that is registered to your practice. New Software Purchases of Upgrade software will only be registered to the previously registered owner of the serial number being traded in. 


Per-Se Technologies Completed Acquisition of NDCHealth Corporation on 1/6/06 see web site for details http://www.per-se.com/
McKesson completed Acquisition of Per-se 2007 see www.McKesson.com for details
We also offer Medisoft Data Conversions form older versions of Medisoft and Medisoft Data Repairs.
We offer Conversion and data repairs for all versions of Medisoft - from Medisoft DOS, Medisoft Version 5, Medisoft version 6, Medisoft Version 7, Medisoft Version 8, Medisoft version v9, Medisoft version 10, Medisoft version 11, Medisoft Version 12 and Medisoft version 14  & Medisoft 15, Medisoft v18, Medisoft v19


SLC Software Services is Cincinnati only Medisoft certified Value Added Reseller.
 North east Ohio's only Certified Medisoft vendor.  We Service Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana via TeamViewer support.


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