Get Medisoft with ICD-10 Readiness
New Medisoft® v19 Practice Management and EHR Promotions Now in Place
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Are you ready for the new ICD-10 codes, which take effect on October 1, 2014? 
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McKesson also offers web based Medisoft Practice Choice EHR
Medisoft practice management system or the Medisoft Clinical integrated PM/EHR (server based EMR) solution.
ICD-10 Readiness and More
The transition from ICD-9 to ICD-10 will significantly impact your practice's workflow, and Medisoft can help you manage
the changes. With Medisoft v19, you can take advantage of several features that are designed to reduce manual entry
and minimize the complexity of ICD-9 to ICD-10 mapping. With this release, you will be able to:
Enter ICD-10 codes • on your diagnosis list
Set the code version by insurance carrier so you can continue to use ICD-9 codes for carriers who will not have transitioned by October 1, 2014
Receive a notification if the wrong code is used for a carrier
Use a mapping tool based on CMS's General Equivalent Mappings (GEM) to translate some ICD-9 codes to ICD-10
In addition to ICD-10 readiness, when you purchase today you get all the billing, scheduling and patient accounting
enhancements currently available in Medisoft v18, including Medisoft Mobile. With this no-fee application
for the iPad® and iPhone®, you can use your phone or tablet to view your schedule and to transmit charges,
diagnosis codes and notes to your front desk or biller.
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What's New at McKesson/Medisoft

Medisoft® Clinical within Bright Note Technology ™

With the incentives designed to encourage the adoption of electronic health records (EHRs) — whether pay-for-performance, Medicare, Medicaid or other incentives built into the Economic Stimulus Plan — the decision to implement an EHR has never been more important. Now with Bright Note Technology™ the decision to purchase an EHR has never been easier.

 Medisoft® Clinical with Bright Note Technology uses dynamic processing power to instantaneously populate patient data across the entire chart from a single note. Bright Note Technology’s intuitive design helps physicians feel more comfortable with using an EHR to care for their patients. 

It all starts with one note. Using their preferred charting style, physicians and other providers can capture data in a single screen note. Then, with one touch, searchable patient data instantly synchronizes across the complete chart. Medisoft Clinical with Bright Note Technology improves efficiency and enhances clinical reporting and health outcomes.

 Single Note Synchronization

Behind the technology, dot codes help complete the single screen note and then — automatically — synchronize data to the appropriate folders within the electronic chart. This single note-centric approach means less time dealing with the EHR and more time caring for patients. 

One Touch Sets Everything in Motion

1. Single Screen Charting makes it easy for physicians to complete the note using their preferred input method.

2. With one touch, data is instantly synchronized to appropriate folders within the chart.

3. Searchable patient data is automatically generated to help quickly produce meaningful clinical care reporting.

Bright Note Technology Matches Your Charting Style

By enabling healthcare professionals to use their preferred input method, Medisoft Clinical delivers efficient and easy to-use software that supports accuracy and consistency patient health records. Input methods include:

Speech Recognition – Providers who prefer to input verbally can use our advanced speech recognition software powered by Dragon Naturally Speaking to quickly enter patient data.

Templates – Whether input on a digital tablet or personal computer, custom templates make data collection extremely efficient because the templates are designed to your preferences and group’s specialty.

Keyboard – Simply enter the information on a single screen note and our software does the rest, reducing keystrokes and eliminating redundancies.

Transcription – Bright Note Technology also supports transcription if you prefer to dictate live, with a recorder or using handwritten notes.

Easily Access Clinical Quality Data

Bright Note Technology helps you quickly search and access data throughout the entire practice record. The ability to access patient information and generate meaningful use data is essential to delivering exceptional health outcomes and driving profitability.

By automatically categorizing patient- and practice-level data into searchable and exportable fields, Bright Note Technology provides physicians and staff with quick access to information to optimize reimbursements, facilitate clinical care reporting and generate pay-for-performance data.

About Medisoft Clinical

Medisoft Clinical with Bright Note Technology is a combined practice management and electronic health record solution that provides a clinical upgrade path to the more than 70,000 providers who use the Medisoft practice management system. With Medisoft Clinical, small physician offices now have a single and affordable solution to enhance quality of care and increase bottom-line profitability.